Land Management

Ewing Timber LLC is a full service forest land management provider.   We believe that by efficiently providing all the services landowners need to successfully manage their timberland resources, the greatest returns will be realized.  From stand establishment to
final harvests and all the steps in between, helping landowners reach their goals is our goal.  

Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have concerning our services.



Current News

*Summertime is site-prep time!

Southern pine plantation establishment windows are seasonal and weather related time frames, when different plantation establishment “tools” are applied. The first step of plantation establishment is site preparation.


*Difficult times for silvicultural harvests

The current oversupply of the pine pulpwood market is making it difficult to do planned silvicultural thinning of pine plantations. Landowners should realize that paper mill closures in the last decade reduced the demand for pine pulpwood. This reduction is having an effect on market availability as well as stumpage rates. This is especially apparent on tracts which must be harvested in dry weather. Patience and persistence is the key to ultimately having your pine stands thinned. In the long run, keeping the stand healthy and growing is paramount to successfully reaching your forest management goals.