Harvesting & Marketing

Harvesting timber is an integral step in the overall management of forest lands.  Thinning and final harvests are important to keep the forest healthy and growing, as well as generate income from the asset which is a well-managed forest.

The market place for forest products has changed over the last decade.  Modern products and fewer mills, which are more efficient in wood usage, make access to the markets an issue for private timber-land owners.  Ewing Timber is a supplier to all of the wood products mills in our region.  We have the ability to match your forest products to a mill, providing you the opportunity to receive top of the market prices, and more importantly access to the marketplace.


Professional, trained loggers will harvest your timber under the supervision of our experienced forestry staff.  From the first thinning to the final harvest, a harvest plan will be designed to meet the management goals for the timber stand.